The Akashic Records are the Universe’s cosmic database containing the history of the human experiences on Earth as well as connections to our cosmic lives. They are also referred to as the Book of Life that energetically stores the record of every word, deed, feeling, thought or intent of every soul that has lived on Earth. The word “akasha” literally translates to “space or ether” in the Vedic tradition. 

We use our quantum energy field, generated by the quantum parts of our DNA, to communicate via our consciousness and it is also where we store our akashic records in the etheric. These cosmic records are vibrational in nature, a frequency, influencing our lives in the area of relationship, purpose, belief systems, feelings, and what we attract to us. 

A personal Cosmic Akashic Attunement may assist you in healing and clearing your personal records and gaining clarity on your journey, for the highest good of the spiritual evolution of your soul’s purpose. 

Bringing your vibrational records into harmony
Higher Self awareness
Insight, clearing or healing
Connection to your spiritual truth and messages
Upgrade your soul energy frequency & vibrational codes
Open energetic and dimensional portals 

30 Minute session - $72

In this session, I will identify the doorway you stepped through into this world and your current pathway at this time. Looking at the records through your specific intention to bring insight, to release and clear, and heal what no longer serves you. Also recognizing timelines, frequencies and vibrational codes to assist and support your journey. 

For this session I will need your birthdate

60 Minute session: $144

This session includes everything from the session above plus:
An activation or regression
Your key elements and how to apply them
Personal planetary ley lines in key locations on the Earth as it relates to your inquiry
Planetary/Starseed influences 
For this session I will need your birthdate, time and location of birth.

      30 minutes $72               60 minutes $144

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