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through your process of transformation, awakening, healing and cultivating self-love on every level...mind, body and spirit. Shifting your frequency to the next level and assisting you in uncovering your sacred gifts. 

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Everyone has a story. It’s a journey, from who we were to who we are becoming. Everyone has a catalyst for change on the journey. Some of these are huge like the death of a loved one, physical relocation, end of a long-term relationship, major health challenge, financial and sometimes a combination of many smaller things that add up to a heavy burden. As we walk through these challenges...                                                                                      Read More

the healing energy that already exists within you, that which serves your highest and best expression of YOU. 

Love & Abundance: Venus and Jupiter Sound Healing Meditation 
November 23rd, 7-8:30pm
A cosmic and planetary sound healing experience. Jupiter’s energy is abundance, gifts and expansion meeting the Divine feminine, love, balance and beauty of Venus. The planets Venus and Jupiter join in conjunction on November 24th.

Experience transformation on all levels connecting you with your innate ability to heal and return to your natural state of well-being through deep mediation and sound healing. Awaken the knowing within you of remembering who you truly are. Your experience begins with a guided meditation journey to access the Cosmic Akashic Records and frequencies of Jupiter and Venus and the message they have for you at this present time.

The Planetary gongs clear energy blocks in the body, balance the chakras, calm the nervous system, and bring healing energy to the physical and emotional body and the your Spirit.

The Crystal Alchemy bowls surround you with cosmic light and frequencies to support you as you move forward towards your heart’s desire.

Your Healing Investment $25

Pre-registration required as space is limited. Please call/text me at 407-947-4995 with any questions.

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