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the healing energy that already exists within you, that which serves your highest and best expression of YOU. 

I will guide you...

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through your process of transformation, awakening, healing and cultivating self-love on every level...mind, body and spirit. Shifting your frequency to the next level and assisting you in uncovering your sacred gifts. 

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Everyone has a story. It’s a journey, from who we were to who we are becoming. Everyone has a catalyst for change on the journey. Some of these are huge like the death of a loved one, physical relocation, end of a long-term relationship, major health challenge, financial and sometimes a combination of many smaller things that add up to a heavy burden. As we walk through these challenges...                                                                                      Read More

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  • Sound Frequency Alchemy®   Attunements & Sound Bath Meditations
  • Sacred Sound Frequency Alchemy®    Vibrational Sound Therapy Certification Program
  • Akashic Records Therapy with Cosmic Akashic Attunements
  • Soul Purpose & Cosmic Alignment Astrology
  • Seichem Reiki
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Hatha & Kundalini Yoga & Meditation 
  • Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra
  • Universal Spiritual Teaching
  • Workshops & Training


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