Sacred Sound Frequency Alchemy®

Assisting others as they connect to the frequencies of color, sound, geometries, & light as well as galactic, Ascended Master, Angelic and elemental frequencies  to transform self into higher consciousness. Receiving the energetic codes necessary for becoming more of the multidimensional beings that you truly are. 

The Alchemy of Sacred Sound Meditation

Experience deep relaxation and connection to your Higher Self as you are surrounded by sacred, celestial sounds and frequencies during this sound healing meditation.

I weave and layer sound frequencies of the planetary gongs, alchemy crystal bowls, sacred drumming, vocal and other ancient sound healing tools into a crystalline grid and hologram of healing, transformation, awakening, Universal love and Sacred Sound Frequency Alchemy™. It clears and brings clarity, focus, knowing...leading you to your soul’s purpose from the divine light of your sacred heart. Ignite the healing that already exists within you. 

Group Class $25

Private Session $111

Sound Frequency Alchemy® Attunement

Raise your vibration using your blueprint of the planetary system to align with cosmic and earth frequencies. 

Experience the magical process of transformation and creation using sound and frequency to initiate and facilitate personal growth and evolution. Connecting you with your innate ability to heal and return to your natural state of harmony. Deeply relax, clearing outdated patterns in the physical, subtle, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

The tones and frequencies of the planetary gongs & singing bowls, crystal alchemy bowls, ocean drum, celestial chimes, tuning forks and other sound healing tools weave and layer sound into a crystalline grid and hologram of awakening, healing and transformation of your multi-dimensional self and allow for opening cosmic/spiritual portals of planetary and 5th dimensional frequencies.

Your experience will be completely unique to you. Allow yourself to be completely present and open to your highest and best.  

60 minutes $144

For this session I will need your birthdate, time and location of birth.

Call:  +1 407-947-4995

Description of Sessions

Sound Frequency Alchemy® & Integrated Vibrational Healing

Planetary Gongs and Crystal Bowl Alchemy Celestial Sound Healing 

A celestial sound healing session with the planetary gongs and advanced Alchemy crystal bowls to connect to the frequencies of the cosmos and celestial vibrations for personal transformation, 
clearing energy, and raising your frequency. 

Beginning with a brief yoga nidra practice to deeply relax all the layers of the energy body and set your sankalpa, an intention formed by the heart and the mind, a solemn vow made to yourself. Come with an intention in mind, a current focus in your life, but being open to the process of allowing it to transform with what arises from the heart. 

The gong is a cosmic resonance of who you truly are. Planetary gongs are attuned to specific planetary frequencies and contain all the sounds of the Universe to create a portal, a way of transformation. Working on all levels, physical and etheric, to open, move,clear and transform energy that may be stagnant or stuck.

The advanced Alchemy crystal bowls bring in high vibrational frequencies from higher dimensions of Divine Love and Light. The Universe always desires to fill a void, so we bring in the cosmic light to fill all the spaces and places cleared and open within your consciousness. 

I am honored to hold sacred space for you on your journey. My work is guided by the Violet Ray using sacred and celestial Sound Frequency Alchemy™, cosmic connections and ancient wisdom to invite healing, clear the mind and elevate consciousness. 

Group class $25

Private Session $111