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Why get a Vedic astrology reading?

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Soul Purpose & Cosmic Alignment Astrology Reading

Discover your cosmic lineage through your birth chart.

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You are a Divine Soul with infinite potential. Your Vedic Astrology chart is the map of your Soul’s purpose and journey here on Earth, revealing who you are, who you came to be, and what you can accomplish. 

Astrology is the science of time through the movement of the celestial bodies. Astrologically, each moment in time is unique because it will never happen quite that way ever again. When you are born, you agree to come into time and space at precisely that moment in time to develop your highest potential and overcome challenges on your soul’s journey. You ARE the planets, within and without, you are the power of the planetary influences. Your astrology chart unfolds with the energy and frequency encountered through experiences in life. A spiritual journey actually changes your chart as you evolve by discovering the answers to the questions, “what is my spiritual path?” and “what is the best way for me to reach spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime?” 

Vedic Astrology (Eastern) is called Jyotish in Sanskrit which literally means “the science of Light” and is spiritually based. It is referred to as Siddereal or cosmic astrology because it is based on the fixed stars and constellations visible to humanity from the Earth before the use of modern technology to view the cosmos. It measures the relationship between our solar system and the Galactic Sun. The light of the Great Central Sun (Galactic Sun) emanates from the center of the galaxy into a harmonic division of light into the twelve zodiac signs within our solar system. The planets transmit their influence and energy frequency from the center of the galaxy which the sun reflects to us here on Earth. 

You establish your connection to the Divine and cosmic forces working through the stars and celestial bodies.  It is your responsibility to direct your life energy positively and when it is not directed positively, you may experience imbalances and challenges. These imbalances can be brought back into balance by strengthening planetary influences through gemstone therapy, color, mantra, mudra, sound frequency, and service to humanity. I provide services to assist in all of these as a sacred jewelry designer, yoga instructor and integrated healer specializing in sacred sound frequency alchemy® vibrational healing. 

I’ll calculate your birth chart with your name, date of birth, location of birth (city, state, country) and your EXACT time of birth. I will need this information 12-24 hours in advance of your appointment to personally interpret your birth chart. I do not use any sort of program to interpret your chart, your reading will be completely unique to you. 

In addition to your birth chart, we look at the progression of your chart through current transits or even a specific moment in time in the future, and discuss career, relationships, health, spirituality, life purpose or anything else you may have a specific question about. 

Once you have had an initial reading, you may want to receive an update each year around your birthday as the sun returns to its exact position when you were born to gain insight into the next 12 months. As you discover the opportunities and/or challenges that may be present in the year ahead, you can best choose what your primary focus will be and direct your energy there accordingly. 

Your astrology reading can be done by phone, Skype/Zoom from any location or in person.

60 minute astrology reading - $144